Smartair: The Smart Mul-T-Lock Solution

We believe the new Smartair from Mul-T-Lock could be just the answer for main entrance doors were a master suite is in place or being considered and there is a likelihood of keys being lost, the best example of this being student accommodation.

Having the smartair on a communal entrance is a cost effective access control solution which in the event of a lost access fob can easily be deleted and replaced with a new one quickly and cost effectively with no security issues or the need for locks to be changed.

Here is what Mul-T-Lock say:

A genuine bridge between mechanical security and electronic access control, Smartair provides a secure all-in-one access control solution.

An intelligent electronic device with ease of use at the heart of its design, Smartair overcomes many of the obstacles traditionally associated with access control systems.

Smartair is a bolt on solution for use on all doors and in many cases can be retrofitted to existing locks and key systems. Convenient and flexible, it is available in four variants, with a full upgrade path available from one system to the next.

As with all Mul-T-Lock products, Smartair provides a safe and secure locking solution for ultimate end user peace of mind.

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